Happy 19 Days Past Away…

You know i’ve not been using the shampoo for 19 days.
As you read my past blogs i use baking soda to clean my hair instead of shampoo. It really make my hair clean but after a few implementations my hair started to be matte. So i decided to use vinegar+water combination instead of hair cream. I knew it would work and it did 😉

Since i’ve started this no-poo advanture i don’t use any other chemical products( like hair sprey or hair gel), but i know some day will come and i’ll have to use one of them. I have to say that i’m so happy just because i can go out without using any of them. My hair is free 🙂 But maybe when it turns to 1 month i can test it. If water and baking soda combination also work on hair gel that would be awesome 🙂

Till that time take care your hair and yourlsef.

Love & Peace


5th Day.


Today is the 5th day of my adventure.
water1 soda
And first time i washed my hair with beland of water and carbonate.
It worked well.
First of all, i boilted some water and add a few spoon carbonate. (you can adjust the quantities. I blended 1lt water & 6 desert spoons carbonate)
If your hair much oily you can add much more carbonate.
It made my hair a little bit coarse textured but clean it.
This was a first time that i used this mixture that’s why i want to see what will happen.
And i’m satistfied with the result.
Next time i’ll also use another mixture for make my hair much more softy.

Thank for sharing your time and joining my advanture.

Till the next publishing take care…

Peace & Love

First 3 days…


This is not an advanture that we can live by travelling or share with other people.
It’s only us.
Today is my ‘no-poo’ advanture’s 3rd day.
I had read something about no-poo. Some of them are logical, some of them not.
People’ reasons are more logical to me. Actually i read those writings  a few months ago but at those days i were working for a company as an executive assisstant, and i couldn’t be courageous for this. Besides i was washing my hair everyday with shampoo, ofcourse. I had thought that this advanture WAS so big for me!
But guess what?
I quit the job and now i have my own company and do what i like as my job. =D
And this is the biggest oppotunity for me that i can do whatever i want to do. I could have my own time whenever i need. And i can do any changes whatever i want on me.
After six years that were past just by working for others everyweek days
(08:30-18:30 / without transporting times), and waited for weekends.
That’s amazing. I can’t express my feelings with any words.

Anyway that’s not our topic. =D

And yes…

3 days ago i’ve decided to live an advanture by myself. I call it ‘NO-POO ADVANTURE’.
As i said before I read some people’s experiences (some of them have long hair-thank God mine is short thatit has ever been in my life ;D) and i thought that’s the best time to do it.
Winter is coming, this is a good chance for me. Because i could use my beret if it goes hardly at first days. Even i don’t go any office i don’t like to see just like neglected myself. This is not my style.

For the last time at 28/10/2014, I used shampoo to clean my hair from hairsprey and after that day i only use the water to clean my hair everyday.
You know what, have you ever had to wash your hair with shampoo and cold water. I did and believe me it didn’t clean my hair. It was sticky and oily but not clean! So acording to my this experience, I think ‘no-poo’ might be good.

However every person’s body character’s are different. So maybe this works on me in a few days but for others works in a few weeks… So it’s up to your patience.

What can i say…
We will see together…

BTW if you are having this advanture please share your experiences with me…

Have a clean day…

Peace & Love