Where the travel starts!

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A new beginning for the happiness!




True Story. What an interesting movie. Please watch. James Franco is amazingly & truely TRUE ACTOR.

A Snowy Day with Full of Art At Home

Hi my readers, Today my city, istanbul, was in white. It’s snowy. photo233560944782977032 I couldn’t go out, sticked on my home =) That photo was taken just one day before in Taksim/Beyoğlu. I thought that i can make something new to make my time more valuable =) And i tried to do oil painting, for the first time. =) I used 3 small canvases for this job. I combined them with my sister who helped me has a very different view of point. And see what comes out.

                  Step #1
                  Step #2
               Step #3

Please feel free to share your ideas about my paintings.

Love & Peace RKeskindokur

Why Do People Lie?

Why do people lie?
honestDo you have any planet which is full of honest people?
I deadly need this.

Just say it.
Let it go.
Be honest.
Yes dear Tweety, i’m totally agree with you.
Trust people & let the people trust you.
That’s so simple.

Love & Peace

Here we go,2015

Everybody is writing about the first day of 2015.
They are talking about the  white/blank page and you can make it full by what you’ll do.
They are right, they are absolutely right!

I have some advices too. Do them as much as you can;

*Share your one of your fav. things
baby sharing donet
*Dance whenever and whereever you want
*Listen to music
*Start your day with a BIG smile
Best Smile of cute baby funny photos stills 6
*Sing a song loudly
*Don’t miss to get suprise at least one thing

Those are some details; but i just can say that

“Live this year on your own way.
The way that it can make a BIG smile on your face when you look at back.”

Happy NEW Year Everybody.

Love & Peace

A Nation Without Art…

One of the amazing arts.
Yesterday we (my sister, my dude and me) want to feed our soul.
Actors are so young and full of energy.
You can feel this.
‘Dead Man’s Cell Phone’ we call it ‘Ölü Adamın Cep Telefonu’.
It’s about that a man who dies at a cafe and a young woman find him and takes his cell phone. Then she tries to connect with his family for supporting them during their hard times. And her experiences with his family. But the real topic is about people’s relationship with technology and what kind of relationship they live because of cell phones.

They has combined musics and dances very well. I wanted to dance with them in the middle of the theatre.
I think at any organizations (like theatre, concert, cinema or others) if you feel that you wanna be there or join them it was great. And i truely felt this, unstoppabley. ✌

After the show we were turely, madly and deply happy.

‘ A nation without arts would mean/means that one of its life veins is cut off/ has one of its life veins cut off.’ Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

I completely agree.

If you has a chance or trying to find what can you do for your free times, you can do something about art. Believe me you feel that you are alive more than normal day.



I wish you all a life with full of art.

Love & Peace