KÜBRA İLE FUTBOL’s #1in11 Video

Hi my dear readers,

Thanks to again for spending your time by reading my blogs.
This is also very important for me (actually others too ).
If you watch the video you’ll understand that.


Please first of all watch the video and than if you care the topic share it as many as you can. Maybe you can not donate or take a video to share but your people who see the video can.

This is all about our young sisters and brothers who don’t have a good chance to start the life. This is all about being and let the others being awareness of that.

Every child deserves to go to school or just start a day without thinking lackness such as food or health.

This is our responsibility for them as being grown or still growing lucky ones.
So please feel free to share the video not for yourself for the young generation.

By the way, this campain is started by unicef & FC Barcelona Foundation and also supported by Messi and Serena Williams. You can watch their videos from 1in11.org

And i’m writing about this on the category of KÜBRA İLE FUTBOL because she let me know this topic with her video which is published on her KÜBRA İLE FUTBOL’s Youtube Channel . I think she is the only one who is supporting this campain from Istanbul/Turkey.(if i’m wrong sorry but i’ve never seen anybody’s video)

Ok.that’s enough.
Here is the #1in11 video of KÜBRA İLE FUTBOL’s

Love & Peace


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