Happy New Year

Hi my dear friends,


I wasn’t here for many days.
I was a little bit busy.
2014 did its work and time to say it good bye…
We lived many things.
Some of them made us happy some of them did not.
But there is only one true thing that is we learnd many things and they helped us to grow.
I hope 2014 was kind for you and 2015 will be greater than it.

One big and full of new year is here for makeing your dreams come true.

That’s why believe in yourself and this year you are stronger than last year and you can do whatever you want…

I wish you all an unthinkablely beautiful year.

Love & Peace


Just Believe & Keep Going…

That’s what she does…


She published her next training tip videos.
She believed in that she can make a better place for our young sisters…

Girls can do whatever they want all they need is believing themself and just a chance.

Video 1:

Video 2:

For this beautiful purpose maybe you wanna watch & share.
And even subscribe on youtube…
And the most important thing is letting others watch it.

Maybe only one girl’s life can be changed…And this girl can change the whole world.
Nothing is impossible. 😉

Love & Peace