A Social Responsibility Project, KUBRA ILE FUTBOL

Hi my friends

I wrote this blog by inspiring form a social responsibilty project which is started by a young lady.

A Social REsponsibility Project

What is football for you?
First of all when i started to think about football messi and ronaldo comes to my mind, what about you?
Or we think like that football is a team sport that we love to watch it.
Or football is a game which can be played anywhere.
Or football is a game which is just for men.
Or football is a game which has a huge group fan from all over the world.

I agree with all those ideas.
But i have to talk about another point about football.

Women’s Football or Women’s Soccer.

We are in 21th century and maybe you are NOT aware of that but women are interested in football as much as men anymore.
Many countries have women soccer team even naitonal team such as US, Sweeden, Germany, etc.
Some others don’t have naitonal Women Soccer Team but have teams and women’s soccer league.

I think we agree that sports are for every humanbeing and if we(as women) give us all and dedicate ourself there is nothing that can hinder to be successfull on football.
I can predict that you are thinking it’s not as easy as i said but i can reply you this is valid for everything in life.
I accept that for women life is harder than men but if we understand that nothing is important if we really want it and do our best for it.

I think women make everthing more beautiful than men if they had a chance to try.
Even they don’t have a chance they are so successfull to create their own chance.
All we have to do is support them.

Accourding to this idea a young woman who is a footballer dedicated herself to open a door for other young generations to make their dreams come true.

Her name is Kübra, from İstanbul/Turkey.
She is a player with full of passion on football.
She started to play football when she is so young.
She had a chance to play offically football when she is 14.
Before that time she was playing on the street or at school with her friends who most of them are boys.
But that is not enough for her and she decided to be professional on player.
In Turkey it’s also not as easy as to read this blog but she gave all her and she did it.

From now on she has decided to dedicate herself for other young girls and boys to make their life a little bit brighter than now.
For this idea she prepared a youtube channel as KUBRA ILE FUTBOL which is about football.
This channel includes football tricks, training videos and some other interviews with some people who have important experiences which are about their success to tell to young sisters and brothers.

The aim of this project is make a beautiful difference of their lifes.
I thouhgt that by writing this blog i can be a part of this amazing and full of inspiring project.
It doesn’t cost anything.
And if you believe and want to make this world better place for young girls, boys and rest of other people, i request to share this link with all your social accounts.
Please, let’s support this young girl and be part of this project just by sharing those links that i’ll give them at the end of this blog.

Thank you for having a beautiful heart that let you be part of this project and share it.

Youtube Channel => KUBRAILEFUTBOL
Instagram => http://instagram.com/kubrailefutbol
Facebook => https://www.facebook.com/kubrailefutbol
Twitter => https://twitter.com/kubrailefutbol
GooglePlus => https://plus.google.com/109717023760317611180/posts

Peace & Love


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