Happy 19 Days Past Away…

You know i’ve not been using the shampoo for 19 days.
As you read my past blogs i use baking soda to clean my hair instead of shampoo. It really make my hair clean but after a few implementations my hair started to be matte. So i decided to use vinegar+water combination instead of hair cream. I knew it would work and it did 😉

Since i’ve started this no-poo advanture i don’t use any other chemical products( like hair sprey or hair gel), but i know some day will come and i’ll have to use one of them. I have to say that i’m so happy just because i can go out without using any of them. My hair is free 🙂 But maybe when it turns to 1 month i can test it. If water and baking soda combination also work on hair gel that would be awesome 🙂

Till that time take care your hair and yourlsef.

Love & Peace


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