5th Day.


Today is the 5th day of my adventure.
water1 soda
And first time i washed my hair with beland of water and carbonate.
It worked well.
First of all, i boilted some water and add a few spoon carbonate. (you can adjust the quantities. I blended 1lt water & 6 desert spoons carbonate)
If your hair much oily you can add much more carbonate.
It made my hair a little bit coarse textured but clean it.
This was a first time that i used this mixture that’s why i want to see what will happen.
And i’m satistfied with the result.
Next time i’ll also use another mixture for make my hair much more softy.

Thank for sharing your time and joining my advanture.

Till the next publishing take care…

Peace & Love


2 thoughts on “5th Day.

    • Hi Robin,
      Thanks a lot for being here and for your good wishes 😊
      For now it’s going well and I hope it will goes on like this πŸ˜‰
      And you are right about adjustments.

      Peace & Love


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