First 3 days…


This is not an advanture that we can live by travelling or share with other people.
It’s only us.
Today is my ‘no-poo’ advanture’s 3rd day.
I had read something about no-poo. Some of them are logical, some of them not.
People’ reasons are more logical to me. Actually i read those writings Β a few months ago but at those days i were working for a company as an executive assisstant, and i couldn’t be courageous for this. Besides i was washing my hair everyday with shampoo, ofcourse. I had thought that this advanture WAS so big for me!
But guess what?
I quit the job and now i have my own company and do what i like as my job. =D
And this is the biggest oppotunity for me that i can do whatever i want to do. I could have my own time whenever i need. And i can do any changes whatever i want on me.
After six years that were past just by working for others everyweek days
(08:30-18:30 / without transporting times), and waited for weekends.
That’s amazing. I can’t express my feelings with any words.

Anyway that’s not our topic. =D

And yes…

3 days ago i’ve decided to live an advanture by myself. I call it ‘NO-POO ADVANTURE’.
As i said before I read some people’s experiences (some of them have long hair-thank God mine is short thatit has ever been in my life ;D) and i thought that’s the best time to do it.
Winter is coming, this is a good chance for me. Because i could use my beret if it goes hardly at first days. Even i don’t go any office i don’t like to see just like neglected myself. This is not my style.

For the last time at 28/10/2014, I used shampoo to clean my hair from hairsprey and after that day i only use the water to clean my hair everyday.
You know what, have you ever had to wash your hair with shampoo and cold water. I did and believe me it didn’t clean my hair. It was sticky and oily but not clean! So acording to my this experience, I think ‘no-poo’ might be good.

However every person’s body character’s are different. So maybe this works on me in a few days but for others works in a few weeks… So it’s up to your patience.

What can i say…
We will see together…

BTW if you are having this advanture please share your experiences with me…

Have a clean day…

Peace & Love


3 thoughts on “First 3 days…

    • Hi jhnnbrts,

      First of all i want to thank you for sharing your experiences with me. πŸ™‚
      I’ve never heard of washing hair with clay.
      Might be work, but Isn’t it hard to clean of clay from your hair?
      Anyway, ofcourse you know how you’ll behave πŸ˜‰
      Because you have more ecperiences than me.
      I’m at the bottom of the ladder ;D

      Thanx and good luck…

      Peace & Love


      • Hi,

        sorry for the late reply πŸ™‚ but better late than never….
        getting the hair clean is really sometimes an issue, because when I was making an oil treatment the clay sometimes was not enough to get the hair clean…but then I am deciding to wear a bun until the next hairwash πŸ˜€


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