İlk günden…

Hi gang…
I welcome you from a rainy day in Istanbul. I’m so confused about what i should write because this is not my first blog but serious one. Also it’s second day of my new experiment about my hair that i don’t use shampoo for washing. I don’t know if it works or not but I hope… Because hot water cleans our hair not shampoo which has only beautiful smells.
Hmmm thanx to Michael Jackson (MJ) let me remember himself by his magnetic songs. Today’s song is LOVING YOU from MICHAEL JACKSON . Such a beautiful song for a rainy day…
For now i’m not sure that what I will wear today. But i’m sure that i’ll wear a full of red beret which is my birthday gift 🙂 and then I can figure out something, I think;).

Ok, ADIÓS time… I will be back after decided what i will wear….✌

~…1 hour later…~

Ok! i’m back.
And guess what..i’m a girl who is in full of black with a black velvet pants & black jumper.
Great choice for a really cool, almost cold day ☔⚡🌀

Keep calm and be warm


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