Days are going on…


Today, i didn’t go out with my sister…
So there is no cloths for advice…my fav. clothes are sleepers…sorry for this…actually not sorry,i was good =D)))
I said my self , are you ready if so i’m ready..
Haha funny right!?
I’m trying to prepare my own video and i’m asking myself…
But i think it’s good progress for me… Do you wanna know why?
Let me explain, Because i was talking with some devices or whatever is close to me at exact time during my ex-job ( computer,phone,etc.)
At least i levelled up talking with my self… ;D
Anyway today i watched, cropped, copied, pasted, effected many videos…In fact i did same things many times for some spesific videos…
I love editing videos but so hard to make pure videos with full of energy and passion…
Seconds are so important for my videos.
They are my words, soundtracks are my emphasis…And my imagination….
That’s all i have…

ohhhh how could i forget…
I also watched some videos…and after this writing i’ll come back to my videos and a new movie…
Guess what!…hahah
Ofcourse a bollywood movie…My last obsession… It’s a long story just like indian movies ;D
If you want i can talk about that but not now, because my movie is ready…i had to go…

See you next writings…

till that time…
keep writing to me…
ohh really why don’t you write me back…!? =(
take care & share your writings… ­čśë




Everybody knows that the first rule of being happy is smiling.
We all know but don’t act like that enough. I don’t know why but i’m not one of them. I love to smile and share it other people generously:)
What about you?
What makes you really happy to give a bright smile on your face?
You don’t know? So now start thinking about it and make more smile around you.
Maybe you wanna share your experiences with me…
Who knows what a smile will bring your life?;)

Ok, i say bye with a happy song…


─░lk g├╝nden…

Hi gang…
I welcome you from a rainy day in Istanbul. I’m so confused about what i should write because this is not my first blog but serious one. Also it’s second day of my new experiment about my hair that i don’t use shampoo for washing. I don’t know if it works or not but I hope… Because hot water cleans our hair not shampoo which has only beautiful smells.
Hmmm thanx to Michael Jackson (MJ) let me remember himself by his magnetic songs. Today’s song is LOVING YOU from MICHAEL JACKSON . Such a beautiful song for a rainy day…
For now i’m not sure that what I will wear today. But i’m sure that i’ll wear a full of red beret which is my birthday gift ­čÖé and then I can figure out something, I think;).

Ok, ADI├ôS time… I will be back after decided what i will wear….Ôťî

~ÔÇŽ1 hour laterÔÇŽ~

Ok! i’m back.
And guess what..i’m a girl who is in full of black with a black velvet pants & black jumper.
Great choice for a really cool, almost cold day ÔśöÔÜí🌀

Keep calm and be warm

BENli SENli Sohbetler_Yazmak ├╝zerine


B- Yaz─▒ yazmak nedir?
S- ┬áS├Âzl├╝k anlam─▒n─▒ m─▒ soruyorsun?

B- Hay─▒r sadece basit bir soru – yaz─▒ yazmak nedir?- sordum.
S- Yani bilemedim ┼čimdi.

B- Bence yaz─▒ yazmak konu┼čman─▒n a─č─▒zla de─čil; kalem kullanarak ka─č─▒da ya da g├╝n├╝m├╝z teknolojisinde parmaklar─▒m─▒z─▒ ├že┼čitli klavyeler ├╝zerinde gezdirerek soft ortamlara aktar─▒lmas─▒d─▒r.
Yanl─▒┼č m─▒?
S- Bence de─čil.

B- Peki bununla ba─člant─▒l─▒ ba┼čka bir konuya ge├želim ister misin?
S- Olabilir!

B- Yaz─▒ yazabilmek ya da yazamamak diye bir olgu var m─▒d─▒r?
S- Bunuda bilmem ama dur dur; bi an d├╝┼č├╝nd├╝m de olabilir.

B- Bence yoktur. Neden diye sormak ister misin?
S- Sordum farzet.

B- Bence,okuma yazma bilen herkes gerekli ara├ž ve gere├žleri kullanabilme yetisi varsa yaz─▒ yazabilir.
Amaaaa dersenki zor olan nedir zor; olan yazd─▒klar─▒n─▒ be─čendirmektir.
S- Nas─▒l yani?

B- Yani ┼č├Âyle; yaz─▒n─▒n farkl─▒ t├╝rleri vard─▒r. Sen hangisini kullanacaksan onun kurallar─▒na uygun ┼čekilde yazmal─▒s─▒n. Bu i┼čin uzmanlar─▒ vard─▒r. Benim i├žinse kriter sadece i├žten olmakt─▒r.┬áSadece i├žindekileri kar┼č─▒nda dostunla sohbet ediyormu┼č gibi aktarabilmendir ba┼čar─▒l─▒ yazman.
S- Kurallar─▒ bo┼čver diyorsun yani.

B- Bo┼čver demiyorum! Sadece kendini onlar i├žin s─▒n─▒rlama diyorum.
S- Hmmmm…Mant─▒kl─▒.

B- Bak bende ┼čimdi bu dedi─čimi yapt─▒m ve seninle konu┼čmam─▒ soft ortama kaydettim.
Hadi ┼čimdi di─čer i┼člerimin ba┼č─▒na d├Ânmeliyim. Akl─▒mda seninle konu┼čmak istedi─čim bir s├╝r├╝ konu var. Umar─▒m seninde zaman─▒n olur ve yine burda bulu┼čup; konu┼čuruz.
S- Olur olur sen haber ver ben gelirim ­čśë

B- Anla┼čt─▒k.
S- Anla┼čt─▒k.